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The Lok-Itt Column Lock protects your vehicle with four layers of security. Each layer is a "mini-deterrent", one more step a thief must overcome to steal your vehicle. Each layer of security makes it harder for thieves to steal your vehicle, and as a result makes your vehicle a less attractive target to thieves.

Part 1 of Lok-Itt the Permanent Part
  Ignition bracket extends thru steering wheel
  Ignition bracket install over ignition switch
  High-visible and around the clock security
  Housing wraps around the column
. Installation is easy! .

Small and compact, the main housing installs easily on the column behind the steering wheel and blocks access to the steering column, preventing thieves from "hot wiring" the vehicle and starting the engine. The small removable ignition bracket installs over the main housing and through the steering wheel, securing the ignition switch and preventing steering of the vehicle if pushed or towed.

Part 2 of Lok-Itt - complete Lok-Itt at work

Lok-Itt also comes with a pad
lock made by American Lock Co


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